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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  August 4, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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call now. is getting ready for a fundraiser in our area tonight and you'll hear what he has to say about what's happening with that old campaign of his. >> how are the donors responding? are they freaking out?
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tonight. a lot of big republicans are saying this whole campaign is imploding and he needs to read in. >> the horrible story yesterday. >> it was incredibly sad to be there. to be with those community members who saw karina run by every day. it was really sad. >> let's get over to mike. i am sitting here thinking about it and it looks like the biggest of the summer. it's been fantastic all the way through. here is what we have for the high yesterday.ade it up to 80b0ade it to central park as well as isolate . 81b0 in sussex and 77 at monticello.
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in the dead of summer we don't mind it being cooler. temperatures in the upper 60s and 50s out there at 55b0. 60b0 in central park and it looks like it will be another mild day out there. a mainly clear sky with a lot of sunshine coming at you. for now you have the same whether set up as we did with high pressure giving us a nice clear sky. from the carolinas, not a bother there in the adirondacks. another cold front ?it's the one that could be mixing things up here. i temperatures up to 80b0
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with strong chances rolling into town and it still looks like it's affecting your saturday. let's bring in ines. >> are off to a good start. connecticut with no problems. as far as your commute to new jersey, let's check out our cameras. by 106 and 107,) started out pretty good. let's get to that camera shot. a terrible accident on the belt by the interchange there. probably about 2:45 pm. not good over there. this morning a reward is being offered to catch the
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strangled while going out for a run. >> the whole neighborhood is upside down and it's a horrific shame. >> thousands gathered where karina worked. the entire community is in morning. >> you would see someone on a t.v. or on their bicycle walking the dogs or jogging. this is not supposed to happen. >> going running or biking through the high rated areas is routine for many. her and her father are retired fdny firefighters job the path regularly. tuesday the injury prevented him from going and friends and family remember them from being a
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>> very close. i don't know what those going through. >> her dad tried calling but she did not pick up. after two hours she was reported missing. her dad and police discovered her body. she was 15 feet away from the trail in a marsh. investigators was sexually assaulted. there is evidence of asphyxiation and hemorrhaging now. police hung posters offering a reward for information. they are dissecting herself
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i bloodied rampage with a knife killing an elderly woman and wounding five others. it was a very popular place. they reportedly used a stun gun tosubdue the suspect . terrorism could have been a moment motive, mental health is a significant factor. >> we have video from inside the plane that crashed in dubai. grab their luggage as the cabin was filling with smoke . you can hear the panic and see people attempting to grab their belongings so everyone else is stuck in there. video posted showing the chaos.
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landing. oxygen masks were down but instead of getting out, people tried to get their stuff. there was a woman who is taking the video and she said they eventually got down emergency slide before a split second you can see one of he engine on fire. we saw the video from outside where you can see the wing of the plane blow off. the plane by the time the explosion happened. one firefighter on the ground was killed. all the passengers made it out safely.> that is pretty incredible that they made it out safely. >> it was within moments. with all theselawns trying to get their luggage and backing the plane up . juliet: let's talk politics. republicans are concerned over donald trump's
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presidential nominee says everything is fine. hillary clinton enjoys a 10 point lead over donald trump. 64% think clinton has the temperament to serve effectively. trump held two rallies in florida amidst claims that his campaign is in disarray. >> the plan the campaign is doing well. it's never been so well united. >> trump in his running mate seem divided over whether to endorse paul ryan for reelection. while trump says he is not ready to do so yet in a phone interview, pants says he is. >> to talk to donald trump this morning about my
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to dothat and i am pleased to do it . the trump campaign is in such turmoil that the party was reviewing rules for how to proceed in case trump leaves the race. trump international committee denials reports. visited a factory and took trump the task. >> if he wants to make america great should start by making things and america.> he narrowed clinton's sizable funding lead. the campaign and the rnc raised 64 million through a joint digital and mail effort. most of that money came in the form of donations. tonight, trump will attend a cocktail party in sussex county. >> the election is months
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stopped her. she will form a non-for profit called the trent clinton entry in bipartisan fund. it was signed in 2001 in the white house. back in may chris christie was test to leave the transition team. federal officials are denying the pay ransom to my mom for the release of detained americans. a plane carrying $400 million in in on the same day five americans were released. the state department says it was the first payment and a $1.7 billion settlement to i run over a failed 1979 arms deal. the obama deal say they disclosed it in january, a day after both countries enacted in nuclear deal for a number of republicans are
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payment. itwas a payment in exchange for the hostages , maybe a separate agreement or its technical detail by separate people. it's one big deal. >> any suggestion i had anything to do with the ransom is false. these were two separate processes run by two separate teams.he white house is saying allegations are false and i do not pay ransom for hostages. the men money was sent as this is why americans get so crazy. it'seither one or the other ?what is it ? >> it's a cool and comfortable day. my casual complete forecast. a new report says it's the most dangerous move that a driver can make.
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for anyone. we headed over to the future cast and show you what's going on there. we see some light showers back around the high country but another quiet day today and eventomorrow looks pretty good . you can see what happens on friday. we will have to wait and see how quickly you get into the area. enjoy the afternoon and evening. checking out the topics we will have a hurricane out there. this is a role about to make landfall. right now the maximum sustained wind is around 80 mph the wind gust 98 as moving to the west at 14.
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it starts to weaken bootstrapping a lot of rain around 10 ?15 inches. a lot of flooding throughout the area is possible as it heads towards central mexico by the time we get to friday and the weekend. it will affect folks to that region. a lot of people say that's what's happening with the storm here. the tropics are fine with the state. humidity is making a contact with scattered showers for you on saturday. it does look like it will clear out as we head into sunday, monday and tuesday. hings are looking good were they should be. that's at the store.
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sometimes these things happen >> a lot ofconstruction is wrapping up . the bridge is open for construction and the turnpike has some read here by the gospels bridge. construction is set up and no major delays. the sandown expressway between the verrazano bridge. as far as your commute in queens, the white stone and the bridge. let's go to our cameras. on the new england freeway, things are fine with no issuesthere. crossing the hudson in the upper and lower levels moving fine.o problems in the lincoln or holland . >> think you, ines. new york city makes a left turn. could be deadly. according to a new study for vision zero initiative, between 2010 and 2014, drivers left: hundred and eight pedestrians. last year they left 30% of all pedestrian and cyclist
4:48 am
problem on the street. when experts took a closer look at the data, we determined that left turns were involved in serious injury more than a quarter of the time and left turn crashes are three times as prevalent in right turn. >> what did you say? >> deliveryman are allegedly not allowed to makeleft hand turns ,only right . >> backup from producers. the city will test new designs at 100 intersections including giving them a head start crossing the street and also barricades meant to force them to slow down and make a wider turn. >> let's talk about the zika virus. all that wonderful video that i love seeing so much. >> she gets knossos.
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the city will spring the neighborhood in the bronx, queens andstaten island tonight. starting at 10:00 , cover your eyes. the recent outbreak in florida has crooks in the area trying to cash in. new york officials won the public about seven companies that sell devices like ultrasonic braces or patches that will help protect you. take a listen. >> they are lying and exploiting fears. it's just to make a dollar. we are not going to put up with it. related cases have been confirmed in new york state. none were contracted by local mosquitoes. >> still ahead, tempers player as they battle it out in the subway series.
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a few spots ?just a little bit warmer by 2b0. same thing for you in newark and poughkeepsie. that's the general trend over the next few days. that and the dew point and the humidity level coming up. we will be in the upper 50s ?low 60s which is a pretty comfortable range. have a good-looking day. nothing really to see on the radar locally whereas youexpanded out. anything that's out there won't have an impact. that's what we have . high pressure gives us a great day with a high of 82b0. 83 tomorrow. here's your strong chances on saturday. a lot of son in the seven day forecast. teresa and juliet >> think you. lookas bad . >> with dried you back from the hamptons. is that right? >> yes. >> the mets and yankees series shift to the bronx. i got off to aquick start . curtis granderson leads
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minutes. james maloney attacks on a run with an rbi single in its yankees. the mets are on top. jack is not looking good for the yankees. they have the bottom of the first and it's a two run double. we are tied at two. the yankees take the lead for good. they go on theright side and then blasted, . it's a 10/3 yankees. things get heated in the bottom of the fifth. teixeira is not happy. it's a hard fall there. that was really the extent of it. the yankees go on to win at 9/5 for the final score. >> i know matt is a good kid but when youmiss a pitch that bad , you'll get
4:55 am
purpose or not ?it's a bad pitch at a bad time. i told him i did not like it. >> he was trying to make him uncomfortable. >> a lot isn't going anywhere. brian cashman says the team has no plans to release him. he said the plan is to give time to other people and if matchups or injuries hit he could be out theree said it's not easy to release that kind of money that he has on his contract . he said he hit well last year and sporadic pitting time makes it more difficult. cespedes went 1/5 and says it was his first start to the saturday. the team says he will go on the download today with brandon recalled from
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apparently he was golfing in the day.ot a great look. >> more mets injury news due to season could be over. the back stress fracture ordered by back specialist to rest for 30 days. the real olympics opening ceremony and tomorrow night.the powerhouse faces new zealand in the first half . jerseys on carly lorne has had it in. it's alex morgan in the post. she gets the goal and they went near the end of the game with many fans chanting ziegler, ziegler. she tweeted out a photo of herself in a hat with a mosquito net. >> people are chanting ziegler? >> i guess. the fans had fun.
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sounds inappropriate. thinking about coming back to basketball. there was a # i'm not done yet. he is looking to play when he turns 42 next month. he goes immediately after his retirement but he was fired in the beginning of last season. finally important sportsnews. >> by an brian fitzpatrick has a new haircut .> here is a picture. >> that's the before. now the aftermath. gone is the wild maine. he lost a bet. no word on what the bet was.
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america runs on dunkin'. put a pep in your step. put some eyedrops in the freezer morning >> a slightly warmer temperature than normal. mike woods has all the details in his forecast. >> a memorial is growing in howard beach as the search continues for the person who killed a female jogger. we will have a live report from the visual last night. >> i feel so sorry for her family. a lot of concern that donald trump's campaign is


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